Our Story

The Boston Family's first adopted daughter, Jenny-Flore, meets the newest member of her family.

Bon Kafè’s founder, Jim Boston, first visited Haiti with his family over a decade ago to meet face-to-face with their first adopted child. Knowing this trip would leave a lifelong impact on their family, they never could have guessed, just how significant it truly would be.

For the Haitian people, a combination of political turmoil, extreme poverty, and lack of infrastructure has left them in a state of economic hardship, wreaking havoc on traditional family structures.

It is estimated that 80% of orphaned children have at least one parent that is living, yet cannot afford to care for them.

Witnessing this devastation first-hand and having now adopted three Haitian children themselves, the Boston family discovered their heart’s mission: find a way to lift these families up.

Our Mission

Through direct contributions and with support from churches and other partners, the Bostons successfully formed an orphaned girls’ home in Haiti through New Life Global Ministries.

The home provides a safe, nurturing environment for Haitian girls to grow in their faith while gaining the practical skills needed to cultivate a better future.

Although a tremendous blessing to the girls given the chance to live there, so many more are still without a home and without hope. Bon Kafè is helping support the next phase of outreach.

Supporting Farmers and Families

Once one of the world’s top coffee producers, Haiti’s unique arrangement of climate, altitude, and soil richness is ideal for producing the highest quality Arabica beans on the market.

Utilizing 100% sustainably sourced coffee beans from the mountains of Haiti; Bon Kafè is a key fundraising effort to support the island’s local farmers and families.

For each purchase of smooth, organic coffee, $5 is directly contributed to benefit New Life Global Ministries to help sustain Haitian communities from the ground up.

Become part of our mission, and pour yourself a refreshing cup of Bon Kafè.

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